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  • How To Navigate Crypto Meeting Macro & Geopolitics W/ M6 Labs🌏

How To Navigate Crypto Meeting Macro & Geopolitics W/ M6 Labs🌏

Degens Wake Up. Macro & Geopolitics Impacts Our Markets. Here’s How

How To Navigate Crypto Meeting Macro & Geopolitics W/ M6 Labs🌏

Degens Wake Up. Macro & Geopolitics Impacts Our Markets. Here’s How

M6 Labs is attempting to enter a new world of discussing macro & geopolitics in relation to crypto.

Incase you aren’t aware, M6 Labs is a research firm helping users understand the focus reshaping our global financial system!

They joined us to discuss the navigation process

Russian DeFi: Welcome M6! We were inspired to discuss the financial scope of the world, and we found the experts.

Recently, the publication underwent a shift to focus on how the financial system is collapsing. Where did that come from?

M6 Labs (The Reset): Yeah, so pretty much what we're doing now. A big part of it came from research on TikTok, realizing how nefarious governments around the world are, especially the US government. It opened our eyes to the current financial situation.

High inflation and unemployment stem from profit maximization by large corporations and corrupt governments. These issues have combined, alongside the impending US recession. This recession has been pushed back by media lying to people, convincing them the economy is fine so they continue to trade.

We're observing global events behind the scenes and gaining exposure to alternative media, like smart content on TikTok, which opened our eyes. Over time, we realized that with our newsletter, The Reset (a sub-brand of M6 Labs), we wanted to cover crypto, macro, and geopolitics. These are the three elements needed for a complete understanding of the global economy.

So, we wanted to address these things and also talk about how DeFi will disrupt the global financial space.

Russian DeFi: That makes complete sense because as someone with a "crypto-only" mindset, your content shows how much I'm missing from the bigger picture.

Where does the inspiration for the pivot come from, and what's the story behind the strong "Reset" branding?

M6 Labs (The Reset): We're pivoting from being solely a crypto-native firm and shifting away from a crypto-centric mindset.

The name "The Reset" comes from "The Great Reset," a term coined by the World Economic Forum during the Pandemic. They proposed resetting the global economy while it's in ruins. A key aspect of The Great Reset is a plan for global elites to introduce a world coin and promote the slogan "you will own nothing and be happy." This indicates governments want to control us and our money.

For instance, Fed Now in the US introduces steps toward Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), as seen in other countries too.

Russian DeFi: CBDCs seem to be a buzzword going around. Projects like Worldcoin make me think crypto-like tech might be abused for control.

How might CBDCs change the financial landscape for everyday users like me?

M6 Labs (The Reset): CBDCs move toward a universal basic income. Governments could ration basic income to individuals with an expiration date on the money. This control influences savings and spending. If you owe taxes, the government can freeze your money directly. You won't own the money; the government controls it, reducing its value and your control.

Russian DeFi: The idea of not owning your money becomes a significant concern, especially with CBDCs. This leads to thoughts of decentralization as a solution.

How do you envision people measuring trust in governments moving forward?

M6 Labs (The Reset): Trust in governments is already eroding, and the future depends on upcoming years. Over the past three years, tensions between governments and social classes have risen. Reactions vary by country. While France has seen protests, the US might see social media outcry without much action. The next year and a half will indicate where the next decade goes.

Russian DeFi: All this government and trust talk takes me to how the US is treating crypto.

The XRP & SEC case delighted the market recently. Does this mean decentralization is in trouble?

M6 Labs (The Reset): The crypto space that succeeds will likely differ from the current one. XRP's case showed that ecosystems and fundraising methods matter. Protocols like Polkadot and Celo are adjusting to US regulations. The future lies between full decentralization and centralization.

Russian DeFi: A world where everyone uses dApps for banking seems like a far-fetched idea. The solution might be crypto that's centralized in practice but decentralized in tech.

With projects like X's super app, is this an indication of a financial collapse?

M6 Labs (The Reset): This move is more of a financial strategy. People are shifting from banks to fintech apps. Similar to China's WeChat, such apps offer convenience and multiple services. This shift is adapting to changing revenue models and offers new avenues for growth.

Russian DeFi: This conversation provided fresh perspectives. We're excited to hear about your upcoming plans.

M6 Labs (The Reset): We're still emerging from our shell. Beyond resuming daily and weekly newsletters, we'll start weekly analyst calls. Subscribing to our newsletter is crucial as we aim to become an alternative financial media source.

As a reminder, this is not a trading signal or investment advice; it is an opinion, and each trader/investor should know and understand the risks of trading cryptocurrencies.

This should not be regarded as financial advice; feel free to familiarise yourself with our NFA disclaimer.


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