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The R Roundup: Base Is Optimistic About “Pessimism”🤞- Issue #107

Issue #107 : Web 3 News Headlines Of The Week

The R Roundup: Base Is Optimistic About “Pessimism”🤞- Issue #107

Base recently launched already has been in the headlines more times than we can count. They add to that record with Pessimism, a security monitoring system.

Pessimism aims to identify protocol threats and security vulnerabilities for networks designed with the OP Stack & other EVM-chains. This introduction from Base comes only months after launch.

Coinbase intends to expand Pessimism to bridge monitoring with added features like withdrawal safety.

U.K. Illicit Crypto Bill Creeps Closer 🇬🇧

Regulation in the UK has driven a number of organisations out of operations like ByBit but one set of regulation that COULD help the market, is one step closer to approval.

An “Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill” is in the final stages of approval by the House of Lords. This bill sets out to give local authorities added power to freeze & confiscate crypto assets associated with crime.

Crypto used in money laundering, drug trafficking, cyber crime or facilitating terrorism offences will be frozen and confiscated if approval is granted later in 2023.

Previously assets associated with illicit activity could only be frozen but couldn’t be seized unless there was an arrest or conviction.

Balancer Frontend Attack⚖️

Another one bites the dust, as the crypto attacks continue, this time leading defi protocol Balancer was on the receiving end.

On the 19th of September, Balancer warned their community NOT to interact with the frontend.

At the time of the attack, ZachXBT claimed that at least $238,000 had been stolen. Balancer added that since then, all issues have been resolved.

Bubblemaps Raised $3,2m In Seed Round🫧

Fundraising for the past year has been dryer than a sand dune however, where value cannot be ignored, it gets funded.

Data innovation visualised through bubbles with Bubblemaps raised €3m to accelerate blockchain data innovation.

Investors include but are not limited to INCE Capital, Momentum 6, Avax & more.

Bubblemaps intends to use the funding to assist them in their mission to make blockchain data accessible for everyone from individual users to institution.

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